Alternator Fundamentals

An introduction into the design and function of industrial alternators. 

What's covered?


This course introduces students to the construction of alternators and their application in power generation. 

This course is organized into the following lessons:

  • Configurations
  • Arrangements
  • Field Types
  • Exciter Types
  • Troubleshooting Basics

The hands-on labs for this course include:
  • Identifying Components
  • Checking and Verifying Voltage and Hertz
  • Troubleshooting Alternator Components
  • Advanced Testing


By the end of this course, students will:
•  Identify the parts and components of an alternator.
•  Understand the magnetic field principles of how alternators produce voltage.
•  Distinguish the types of alternator fields.
•  Know how different types of exciters work.
•  Troubleshooting basics.