Electrical Fundamentals

An introduction into the fundamentals of electrical theory and its basic application and measurements.

What's covered?


This course introduces students the fundamentals of what electricity is and how it is safely utilized.

     This course is organized into the following lessons:

  • Understanding Current
  • Direct Current
  • Alternating Current
  • Circuits
  • Transferring Power
  • Measuring Electricity


By the end of this course, students will:
• Understand and explain the principles of electrical current.
• Be familiar with the basics of transferring power, including a foundation of what materials conduct electricity and which act as insulators.
• Understand the basics of wire sizing and learn how to properly use a wire gauge.
• Explain the differences between AC and DC current and their application on commercial job sites.
• Understand the workings of parallel and series circuits and know how to build a basic series circuit.
• Know the formulas for properly measuring electricity, and how to properly use digital multi-meters and clamp on meters while in the field.
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My name is Holly Hipskind, and I will be your instructor throughout this course.
I am a Critical Infrastructure and Power systems professional with 26 years of experience in both the wireless and broadband communications applications and a member of the National Power University Team.