Engine Fundamentals

An introduction into the components and operation of gas and diesel engines.

What's covered?


This course introduces students to engine design including differences in fuel types, aspiration, and EPA tier formations.

This course is organized into the following lessons:

  • Components
  • Operation 
  • Timing Characteristics
  • Different Tier Formations

The hands-on labs for this course include:
  • Valves
  • Engine Testing
  • Injection Pump


By the end of this course, students will:
•  Be able to identify engine components and their functions
•  Understand the operation sequence of compression and injection
•  Have a basic knowledge of timing characteristics.
•  Identify fuel system types and differences.
•  Understand the difference between turbo and naturally aspirated.
•  Identify the difference between sleeved vs. non-sleeved cylinders.
•  Understand differences between diesel and gas engine firing.
•  Recognize different tier formations.